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Self-Care Is A Priority And Necessity

   We conjure skin-loving botanicals and other quality ingredients into pampering potions that help transform your self-care routine from a mundane chore to a soothing, restorative ritual that rejuvenates and uplifts your body and spirit.

   We truly believe that everyday rituals are a path to happiness. Rituals are those mindful things you do every day like taking a warm shower or bath, washing your hair, moisturizing your skin, and shaving. When you do them with intention and focus, your rituals keep you grounded ~ well balanced and sensible. They allow you to connect with yourself for a few moments before you rush off to a busy day and they help you wind down after a long, stressful one. Rituals bring your body and mind to a deeper connection with your spirit.

   Unlike a routine which is functional steps you take to get something done (driving to work, feeding the dog, etc), a ritual is a series of steps that have been carefully chosen and sequenced to provide a side benefit. The side benefit might be relaxation. Feeling grounded. A spiritual connection. A sense of nourishment. A sense of purpose, or maybe even pure enjoyment.

   Daily rituals are about loving yourself and connecting with your Higher Self, your Inner Wisdom, which is the nurturing guide that promotes harmony and prepares you for whatever stresses lie ahead. Small daily rituals help create a happier, healthier life, that's why we dedicate ourselves to creating amazingly rich, luxurious products to help you get the most enjoyment out of these simple, daily rituals.

   Self-care is not a luxury or frivolous act.  And, caring for yourself allows you to better care for others.


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